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Biometric Authentication: strong & convenient

id-me is an Identity Processing Facility utilizing biometry to measure a biological, (anatomical and physiological) characteristic of a person for automated matching and verification. Only biometrics can prove the user’s presence, since it is based on unique user traits that cannot be lost, stolen, guessed or shared. The IPF verifies the identity of a person through the biometric system attempts to confirm an individual’s claimed identity by comparing a submitted sample to one or more previously enrolled templates.

id-me allows your web, cloud or mobile services to quickly and easily add strong and convenient biometric authentication that recognizes users naturally, starting by their fingerprint. Users can log in easily: they simply scan their finger.

Currently supports id-me fingerprint scanning, but the facility is developed to include in the future face, iris, voice, signature, and many other modalities are in various stages of development and assessment.

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