Company Overview

Our Mission

To provide our customers innovative biometric technology backed by superior customer service, to easily integrate biometric features into our customers application and infrastructure, providing our clients with a more secure and efficient way to authenticate.

Business Scope

Security problems in the present world continue to grow ever more complex. There are many concerns regarding the threats to identity management measures such as access cards, employees identity cards, password protection, personal identification numbers (PIN), passports and so on; which can be forgotten, lost, disclosed or changed. Biometric technologies offer higher security levels by simply ensuring that the authorized individual is physically present to gain access.

The consequences of fraudulent authentication in any business segment like financial, banking, retail and corporate environments can be disastrous with loss of confidential information and comprised data integrity.

id-me specializes in the development and marketing of high-quality multimodal biometric authentication solutions for IT systems, internet services and next generation mobile communication. In this field, we are leaders in technology and innovation. Our aim is to maintain this position and we are investing in the most promising area of biometric authentication technology.

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