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ourofferingWhat is id-me? 

ID-ME is an Identity Processing Facility utilizing biometry to capture a biological (anatomical and physiological) characteristic of a person for automated matching and verification. Only biometrics can prove the user’s real presence, since it is based on unique user traits that cannot be lost, stolen, guessed or shared.

ID-ME allows your web, cloud or mobile services to quickly and easily add strong and convenient biometric authentication that recognizes users naturally, starting by their fingerprint. Currently ID-ME supports fingerprint scanning combined with SMS passcode and OTP, but the facility is developed to include biometrics features as face, iris, voice, and handpalm in various stages.

How it works

Biometric data are typically collected using a sensor to acquire the data needed for recognition and irreversibly convert the data to a digital form. Currently fingerprint scanners are used to acquire an individual’s distinct characteristics within a fingerprint. A fingerprint is made up of a pattern of ridges and furrows as well as characteristics that occur at minutiae points (ridge bifurcation or a ridge ending). The data is sent, encrypted with a scanner specific private key using AES256, to the ID-ME Authentication Server for matching of an identity and this matching result will only be sent to the server of the customer to authorize depending on customer rules access for this person.


The ID-ME SaaS portal demonstrates the flexibility, simplifies deployment and reduces customer acquisition costs by ease of integration to use biometric authentication next to the installed authentication method as username/password, token, smartcards and pin codes. The subscription-based SaaS pricing model keep IT budget costs consistent and enable companies to scale as fast and as much as needed without replacing costly infrastructure or adding IT staff.

On Premises

Corporate customers can also choose the ‘On Premiss’ implementation, where the id-me authentication server will be deployed in-house. With the ‘On Premiss’ implementation Consultancy Services and Training is recommended to train the IT department in providing first line support.

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